The Power To Heal with Liquid Protein

Doctors recommend ND Labs’ Liquid Protein Supplement 15/30 for patients with wounds, decubitus ulcers and burns because not only does LPS 15/30 contain 100% of the essential, nitrogen-producing amino acids required for muscle growth, its blend of collagen and casein is hydrolyzed for full and immediate absorption.

LPS 15/30 provides 15 grams of protein and 100 calories per one ounce (two tablespoons), in a ready-to-drink formula that is grit and clump free and available in pleasing cherry, orange smoothie and honey vanilla flavors. Because LPS 15/30 also promotes improved albumin levels and tissue healing, doctors also recommend it for certain cases of hypo-albuminemia, kidney disease, cancer and bariatric surgery.

For diabetic and diet-restricted patients, LPS 15/30-SF offers the same benefits but with zero carbohydrates, because the fructose added to increase calories does not illicit an insulin response.

For patients with Stage III and IV ulcers, LPS Critical Care offers 16 grams of protein per ounce, as well as a blend of Zinc, Vitamin C and L-Arginine, which increases blood flow to wounds. Unlike LPS-CC, neither ProStat, Prosource nor ProMod Liquid meets ADA requirements for critical-care usage.

All LPS products are pour–and-serve and require no mixing, which saves time for the nursing staff and increases patient compliance, because the liquid can also be blended into other beverages.

Formed by a team of registered dieticians and pharmacists, ND Labs has been helping people become healthier since 1986.

For sampling and information on the LPS line and other ND Labs products, please contact: 516-692-4900.

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