New Product: LPS 15/30® Liquid Protein Supplement

Date: March 13th, 2007

LPS 15/30™ is a complete hydrolyzed liquid protein made from the highest quality protein sources, collagen and casein. Each ounce contains 15 grams of enzymatically pre-digested protein. Hydrolyzed collagen and casein provides 100% of the essential amino acids and is completely absorbed. LPS 15/30 provides additional protein in an easy to take form (pour and drink) for those who require additional protein, above what their diet normally provides.

LPS 15/30 offers more protein in less volume; each ounce contains 15 grams of naturally pre-digested collagen and casein. LPS 15/30 is completely absorbed and contains 100% of the essential amino acids. Ounce for ounce, LPS 15/30 gives you more of what you want in a protein supplement.

LPS 15/30 is used not only by body builders but also to: effectively help heal wounds and decubiti ulcers, correct protein malnutrition (hypo-albuminia as with renal disease), facilitate recovery from bariatric surgery, help with pre and post surgery nutritional status, help prevent muscle wasting from diseases like cancer and AIDS, help improve immune deficiency.

Taste is important, LPS 15/30 comes in three great flavors, agreeable to any palate. LPS 15/30 Cherry, Honey Vanilla or Orange Smoothie supplement can be taken alone or used to create delicious smoothies, to top ice cream and/or swirl into yogurt.

Available in: 3 Great Flavors: Cherry, Honey Vanilla and Orange Smoothie 32 ounce per bottle (1 quart) Case pack: 6 – 32 ounce bottles/case

For sampling and information on the LPS line and other ND Labs products, please contact: 516-692-4900.

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