New Product: LPS Sugar Free®
Liquid Protein Supplement

Date: March 26th, 2007

LPS Sugar Free® is a concentrated ready to use protein blend of Collagen and Casein. Each 1-ounce serving provides 15 grams of protein. Recommended for those who require additional protein without the added sugar or additional calories (60 calories & 0 carbohydrates).

LPS Sugar Free® liquid protein offers the maximum amount of protein in the minimum amount of volume. Each 1-ounce serving has 15 grams of enzymatically-hydrolyzed protein allowing for complete absorption and bioavailability. LPS Sugar Free® has 100% of the essential and non-essential amino acids. It can be used in conjunction with weight reduction diets, carbohydrate restrictions (i.e. diabetes) or for those who have had bariatric surgery.

LPS Sugar Free® is easy to take; pour and serve or mix into beverages, cereals, yogurts, nutritional drinks or smoothies.

LPS Sugar Free® helps to correct protein malnutrition as well as providing extra protein for wound healing, decubitus ulcers, pre and post surgery, hypo-albuminemia, muscle wasting (cancer, aids) trauma, infections, immune deficiency, renal disease and even body builders.

Quick Facts: LPS Sugar Free® -15 Grams protein per ounce (30 ml)
60 Calories, 0 Carbohydrates,
100% essential and non-essential AA
Pleasant Neutral Flavor
Take alone or mix with other beverages or food
Non-viscous liquid – will flow through tubes
Shelf stable, Use within 30 days of opening

For sampling and information on the LPS line and other ND Labs products, please contact: 516-692-4900.

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