Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken™ for all Seasons (For this end every Season, nourish mind, body, soul & the planet) Nutritional Designs is pleased to announce that Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken now meets Clean Food standards

Any woman, who has experienced pregnancy, knows that those 9 months are challenging. As the fetus grows and hormone levels change the mother to be has increased discomfort. One common complaint of pregnancy is constipation. For most expecting mothers constipation develops in the third trimester.

As part of its on-going commitment health and nutrition, ND Labs only carries natural and organic products, food products in its purest state, unadulterated by artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives. This is the reason behind the new spice formulation of the Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken.

The new and improved Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken is made with local ingredients, 100% natural ingredients, rich in nutrients that the body can metabolize and benefit from. ND Labs wants to inspire all cooks to make better food choices and create tasty meals.

The new spice combination on the Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken was evaluated for quality in terms of nutrition, freshness, appearance, and taste. ND Lab’s search for quality is a never-ending process, involving the careful judgment of Dietitians/Nutritionist throughout the company.

Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken is:

  • Produced from 100% Concentrated Soy Protein.
  • Cholesterol and Trans Fat Free.
  • Egg, Gluten, Starch and Preservative Free.
  • Certified Kosher and Halal Suitable.
  • Ideal for Vegetarian, Vegan and Macrobiotic Diets.
  • Shelf Stable (until cooked).
  • No artificial colors, flavors or additives.

Each one-cup (6 oz) serving of the new, improved Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken contains at least four essential nutrients, for example, vitamin A, fiber, calcium, or iron, and provide 50% of the FDA’s recommended daily amount of soy protein for a heart-healthy diet. * To meet the FDA and USDA criteria for a healthy main dish, each one-cup serving will be low in fat, low in saturated fat; contain 90 mg cholesterol or less; 600 mg sodium or less, and provide a significant level of at least two positive nutrients. The best of Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken is that you can keep enjoying the taste and flavor of chicken, without cholesterol/Trans Fat or the guilt of high-calorie meals.
* The US Food and Drug Administration recommends 25 g of soy protein intake daily

Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken does not contain any Dairy, Egg, Fish and/or Shellfish, Nuts and HVP (Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins)

Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken is enjoyed by all; especially those with diet restrictions like people with celiac disease and wheat allergies, and of course are great for vegetarian and vegan diets. They are certified kosher and halal suitable

Nutritional Design’s Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken is a snap to prepare and perfect for a family. It is a One-Step Preparation! After you simmer the protein pieces in water for 15 minutes, simply add in the pre-portioned Spice Pack to form sauce/gravy – Stir and Serve! Prepare them fresh each and every time. No freezer taste or burn.

Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken is available in 10 lb cases (yielding ~ 100 6-oz servings), as well as family size (4-6 servings) and jumbo size (8-10 servings). Shelf stored, no need to refrigerate until it is cooked.

Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken and other Nutritional Designs products may be purchased directly from ND Labs and selected distributors. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

The new seasoning has taken our Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken to an extraordinary level of taste and presentation. Improving the seasoning is consistent with ND Lab’s commitment to advertise only sound food choices for children and adults. The new and improved Polynesian Vege Sliced Chicken is now part of the line of Meatless Entrées from Nutritional Designs, creators of health conscious foods and dietary supplements for over 20 years. Convenient to store and with One-Step Preparation, our Kosher Meatless slices are fat and cholesterol free, with significantly lower sodium and calorie content. Because they are made from a mix of healthy proteins and flavored with spices, our slices also have a more natural chicken taste and texture. Enjoy any of our 13 different Meatless Entrées, all affordably priced and available for commercial and institutional use.

For sampling and information on our Meatless line of products and other ND Labs products, please contact: 516-612-4900.

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