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Supreme Flax 50/50

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Product Summary

Supreme Flax 50/50 is an all-natural blend of oat, corn, soy, apple fiber, FOS* and milled flax seed. Rich in fiber, omega 3 fatty acids & beta glucans. Supreme Flax 50/50® helps prevents post meal cravings, promotes weight loss and provides 5 grams of dietary fiber / tablespoon.

Product Description

Weight Management & Diabetic Control

Take before meals to eliminate post meal cravings and promote weight loss.

For Healthy Living

Daily use of Supreme Flax 50/50 helps to lower post meal blood sugars and cholesterol levels. All Natural - Tastes Great! No added sugar, salt, artificial colors or flavors. Psyllium, Wheat, & Lactose Free!

Easy to Use

Add Supreme Flax 50/50 to any hot cereal, yogurt, soups, gravies, unsweetened applesauce or use as a dessert topping. Add to beverages, such as coffee or vegetable juices. Add to cookie, muffin or bread recipes. FDA states that: a diet rich in soluble fiber (25-35 grams / day) and low in fat, has been shown to help improve and lower, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. *FOS-Fructosogiliosaccharide - is a natural prebiotic fiber that promotes intestinal health and maintains colonic water balance.

When introducing Supreme Flax 50/50 supplement into your diet, do so gradually, and consume 8 oz of water after each serving.




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